Monday, 15 March 2021

How To Remove The Smell Of Freshly Treated Wood Floors

 All wood flooring have to be handled from time to time to maintain their great looks and charm. Finishes on timber floors vary from seals, waxes, oils, polishes and varnishes, all which will make your wood floor more resistant to wear and tear as well as helping make them easier to wash. That said, every one of these processes tend to leave a lingering smell. Many men and women find these smells inoffensive, but others are bothered tremendously by them.

Many people that are bothered by the smell of freshly treated hardwood flooring attempt to mask the odor with airborne perfumes, but ultimately wind up frustrated because this technique doesn't eliminate the cause of the odor. There are two effective ways of treating your floor without chemical scents, which you are most likely to have in your kitchen cupboard.

For many years, tea has been used to take care of wood floors. It's suggested it is the tannic acid in tea that brings a great shine to wooden floors. The secret to this way of cleaning your hardwood flooring is to make sure the tea is nice and strong. You'll need anything between 5 and 10 teabags per bucket of water. What to do would be make the tea as you would normally and let it brew. Once it has brewed, let it cool and dilute it with lukewarm water to make up a bucket-load. If you are doing this for the very first time or are concerned that the colour of your flooring may be negatively influenced, try the tea solution in an inconspicuous area of your flooring before tackling the whole floor. To be able to prevent soaking the floor, you can try pouring the solution into a spray bottle and spraying a mist of the remedy to a mop.

Cider vinegar is also an extremely effective wood flooring cleaner. Used for many years by housewives who favored the organic choice to the chemical alternative, apple cider vinegar will cut through the grime and dirt on the own floor very quickly. All you have to do is place half a cup of apple vinegar in a bucket of lukewarm water and wash your floor. Again, if you would like to maintain the soaking into a minimum, then a spray bottle and a microfiber mop are ideal for this particular job. What's more, if you are not fond of the odor of vinegar, then you may try adding a couple drops of lemon, lavender or orange essential oil into the water to take out the vinegar's sharp odour.

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