Thursday, 19 July 2018


Hardwood flooring is a naturally warm material, and a great insulator, so that it does not necessarily need to be heated. But some people with hardwood floors choose to install systems such as Underfloor heating for a means of heating their entire houses, but not every one of these folks properly research how well the two work together and which species of hardwood floors to utilize.

There are arguments both for and against using Underfloor heating systems with hardwood flooring. Some people would say that it may help to keep an even temperature over the entire surface of the floor. This decreases the'hotspots' you sometimes get with radiators which is a true benefit.

 On the flip side, SOLID hardwood floors is known to be unstable on Underfloor heatingsystem, and it could therefore be at risk from warping / swelling or shrinking when subjected to resources of subfloor heat, thus we strongly recommend against its use with Underfloor heating. To prevent this, you can buy Hardwood flooring that is engineered and made up of layers of wood and works beautifully with under floor heating, together with the 21mm range using the exact same life span as the good edition, hence the flooring will be around for generations to come along and look as good if not better than the good hardwood floors as we can lay it in widths up to some stunning 300mm wide on Underfloor heating. I've had the 260mm engineered oak planks at my house since 2008, laid above a water Underfloor heating system & I have to say I am over the moon with the way the floor feels and reacts.

If you are still unsure whether to put in Underfloor heating by means of your hardwood flooring, even after doing a little research, it's encouraged that you seek help from a hardwood flooring expert before proceeding with your plans. Contact or email Gym Floor Sanding for no obligation professional guidance.

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